Gina Gerson is the December Fantasy of the Month interviewee. Come enjoy her interview as we ask her all kinds of questions to get to know one of our favorite starlets better. We chat with Gina about her favorite scene so far for Nubiles, Then we go on to learn more about Gina’s sexuality. ...She likes when people start slow and sensual before speeding up. Gina then goes on to give us some insights into how to make her horny and what she likes in her personal life.When our interviewer begins asking Gina about her fantasy, Gina has an answer ready to go! Gina wants it slow and romantic, with plenty of kisses. She wants a beautiful dress and flowers to set the mood, and a bright and empty set. She doesn’t want to give a blowjob because she wants to be a little bit selfish! When we ask Gina who she’d like to have in the scene with her, she chooses Raul Costa. Now that we have all the info, we can go ahead and make Gina’s magic happen!

In the 2020 December Fantasy interview Gina Gerson describes her sex life and tells us about her perfect fantasy scene

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